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AT 2m coving – NOMASTYL® mouldings are easy to install and very solid


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AT 2m coving
Height: 100mm
Width: 95mm
Length: 2m

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Product Technical Information

Material: Extruded polystyrene

Manufacturing process: Extrusion of the polystyrene (thermoplastic) which allows a moulding to be manufactured under the effect of the heat and by the additional of an ecological propellant gas. The mouldings are made from extruded polyethylene. These products are not produced with CFC’s or HCFC’s.

Properties: Very good dimensional stability and exceptional precision in the design detail, credited to the continuous extrusion process and the high density. Visible surface tough, smooth and with precise edges. Gluing surfaces grooved to offer optimum bonding.

Surface work: To paint Nomastyl® products use solvent free acrylic or latex paints.

Profile length: 2M

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